Philip Dru: Administrator

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A self-described utopianist novel, written in 1912 by Woodrow Wilson's chief advisor Edward Mandell House, and edited by a still-drunk Ernest P. Whitlow, the oft-maligned but more frequently celebrated alter-ego of Barnabas Whitley, himself an alter-ego of Mavis Turnbrow, Verna Cable's nanny. They were all creative in those days, down to the milk delivery man.


After General Dru had given orders for the care of the wounded and the disposition of the prisoners, he dismissed his staff and went quietly out into the starlight. He walked among the dead and wounded and saw that everything possible was being done to alleviate suffering. Feeling weary he sat for a moment upon a dismembered gun. He swatted at a fly on the wool collar of his neck.

Non-Canonical Text

Pondering such recent innovations as the radio, the telephone, the cinema, and the Vril-energy bean-bomb, he scratched his nuts and smiled. "It is thus so. All is written."

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