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Frame capture of Addisson appearing in his experimental television show, The Association Hour.
Frame capture of Addisson appearing in his experimental television show, The Association Hour.
Anything worth anything would have done. We had shit. But then, it all changed. We had 1990. Stimes Addisson left his show The Association Hour in 1989 and went back to radio, driven by storms in his personal life. He had at this point been living with Brat Attack for about "a month or so." This rough figuration was to grow into the most fertile of ground -- Stimes had never stood so tall, so full of bravado -- all the while sinking his teeth into that enormous Hoagie, as if life itself lurked between those sullen layers of Ham, Turkey and associated but Non-Aligned Nations.


  • (from the original Greek) One year later. We produced a kind of radio play -- a film, but blinded. We made do -- mostly by advocating in this case the use of sound to offset the apparently fallible structure of cinema, relying on it does, in the end, on the eagerness of the eye to eat. (pg. 34)
  • "There wasn't much to do with the coming season, we were out -- and the thing is, there was nothing. We could fill it -- it was our chance to be ***t*, (-ed. though the words here are unintelligible, experts consent to poe*s) our chance to get the fuck out of Littlelon and shine. We needed a single idea something huge and swinging about, clumsily, expertly panning the latest releases. (pg. 53)

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"He wanted to produce this radio play based on a series of poems he'd written many years earlier. The plot revolves around a mischevious pig who flies through time giving pancakes to priests from various Meso-American civilizations." William Flintrock in an interview with Morley Shaffer in 1988. Fragments of this play have made their way onto the internet in MP3 form, but they have never been aired.

A sequel to PV:HP was called Wampum Pups and featured leprechauns masquerading as dogs, whispering in the ear of a Guvernor Morris so stoned on opium his stomach revolts. There is a classic play within a play by his intestines called "The Dirty Secrets of the Lower Intestine." After the presentation, Morris jumps up from his reverie, runs out through the streets, murders a man in cold blood then sets to transcribing the US Constitution just in time for the Convention the next morning. The episode ends with Morris on the toilet, suffering yet obviously relieved.

The episode was never aired in its entirety, but was featured on many community radio stations in abbreviated form after its rediscovery in the RKO archives.