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You Plainly Rock

Lol, Dave, awesome entry. Fuckinay, again, glad to have you on board -- it's interesting how your presence is pushing the Tub further.

Thanks, Tim - it's great to be working on this! the whole concept is superb - you've all done such a great job of building in all these plots to trace around & creating this new language. i'm getting better with using the wiki tools for posting/formating/etc. you've been doing some cool stuff with html tags (i think that's the right term?) - i'll have to figure that out sometime. my hamfisted formating/table-creating "techniques" (cut & paste/trial & error) are headachy...

Thanks for the help with the Payne page. Glad you realized I swapped my shoes for a album (not a band) - & thanks for associating reticent & egg.

Hope it's not annoying if I do some copy-editing type shit (e.g., categorize some uncategorized Glossary entries, fix typos, etc.)?

Copy editing

Dave, of course not. We regularly follow up on one another's additions to do just that. It's all part of the process. You'll see we do it all the time, changing stuff around, minor fiddles etc. Seeing as I add a great deal of stuff while blindingly drunk, it's really quite important to tidy things up the next day.

Also, with the linkage...once you get a feel for the pages that exist, it's obviously much easier to make links when certain words come into play. I think I sometimes over link. All the choices can get overwhelming. But then again, if someone is bored they can take whatever diverse phrase takes their fancy. An informal "rule" of tub editing is that a new page should never be without a link back to somewhere, even if you arbitraily have to invent a bit of story to hook it in. Also, if you create a page, try to edit another page in such a way that links back to the new one. I often do this by hitting "random page" after creating something new and then trying to create a plausible link back. if I'm not terrible impressed with the random page, I'll hit it again. Kind of like poker you can cheat at.

Any, so far so good, Dave. Also, don't be afraid to invent whatever the hell you want and slap it in. Just don't worry if we tweak it all out with edits and additions. I expect you to do the same with me, anyway, I know Tim and Sven do too.


I was thinking of Albert, the German Architect, but this one's not so bad....he has, after all a homunculus or at least a mannikin in his hand.


Dave, this represents the AA core, as much as there is one. They are the pre-tub individuals identified and are the most active participants in the movement, the definitive first generation AA'ers. In important addition to this list iz Balthazar Buehb who occupies a controversial position in the pantheon. Enemies and later character are fairly readily identified. I would say that roughly, anything relating to Mormo and the League of Gnomes is to be considered as AA hostile. Cruise these characters and work outward.

Historically things are less clear. The League of Men with Fancy Gloves are important, Pietri Biberoni and Paolo Grignotti. What exactly they mean for the Albert Kook gang etc is unclear. Anyway, hope this brief list helps. Tim, Sven, please feel free to add anything I've missed.

Stimso Adid

Stimes Addisson

Verna Cable

Mazzistow Carrington

Alexandre Dacusse

William Flintrock

Albert Kook

Yon Milhaus

Guvernor Morris

Creatine Panderbox (In Memorium)

Jorge Suarez

Jonathan Trenchwheat

Cappy Trowbridge

Solomon Witte