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Satan (Worship) unv. 1. Plainly, the worship of Satan, Hebraic God of Evil and Misdeeds, adopted from the Sumerians and pretty much grubbed out in the process.


In the late 1980's and early 90's, North America enjoyed what appeared to be a renaissance in the Worship of Satan, characterized primarily by the ritual murder and sexual molestation of schoolchildren; secondary evidence of the phenomena surfaced in the increased proliferation of searing "heaving metal" guitar solos, a vast swell in the manufacture of black t-shirts, the popularity of Gothic lettering, an influx of cheap cocaine, the spread of cable television, backward masking, abortions, sexually transmitted diseases, alienation of the masses in the wake of an upsurging electronic media, increased homosexual activity and -- strangely -- an economic recession largely created through the activity of government bodies intent on bolstering a Free Market.

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