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Plastic Tub is a repository of lore and history regarding the Accidental Associationalist movement, its activities, major players and splinter movements. All of the information herein has been supplied by amateur historians and participants of the group. While every effort has been made to preserve the accuracy and integrity of the information, please bear in mind that the wiki format allows anyone to change and update entries. Thus we advise all researchers that while Plastic Tub is a good starting point for your work, it should not be considered an infallible authority on any subject. Every effort should be made to verify and cross-check information contained in this site. Plastic Tub is not responsible for any errors or omissions in this site or the effects these errors may have on your personal projects.
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New Year's Day, 2005: Exactly 25 years after Wee-Wee was declared an independent democracy, Sandra Day, a revisionist historian, was shot through the temple while investigating Mormo Cults. Sandra's death completed the hat trick: she was preceded in death by Mormo investigators John Wickle and Maynard Schorr...CONTINUED

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The D.C. Pentagram is a configuration of streets in Washington, D.C., which surrounds and encompasses a surprising large number of Freemasonic points of reference as well as the White House. Conspiracy theories abound with claims that this is evidence of some sort of conspiracy wherein Freemasonic/Satanic forces dominate U.S. Government.... CONTINUED

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Referred to by  as the "crazy uncle of the fruit aisle," the  is also revered as a cheap and plentiful aphrodisiac.
Referred to by Art Doll as the "crazy uncle of the fruit aisle," the kumquat is also revered as a cheap and plentiful aphrodisiac.

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