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A popular long-running comic strip appearing in the Arts section of Strafe! Magazine. The Sunday Painters featured three frames, wherein day to day the art was changed only very slightly, such as the painting on the wall or the shoes worn by the protagonists. The gag, as such, lay in the highly ritualized dialogue, which adhered to the following structure:

  1. The first panel is always a greeting offered by The Visitor, in whimsical form (e.g., "What's up, corndog booth?").
  2. The second panel is the reply of The Painter, usually a description of his current activity (e.g., "I'm expanding upon the research of the Russian Supremacists").
  3. In the third panel, The Visitor responds to the statement of The Painter with an off-color quip (e.g., "Looks to me like you're researching elaborate masturbation cycles").

This tripartite structure allowed for an endless series of gags.

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