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Stimes Addisson's New York City office, located entirely underground, was often referred to as "the corner lot." It fell under intense Federal surveillance following the unfortunate series of events surrounding the destruction of Wee-Wee, and Addisson vacated the premises, moving to an adjacent lot. Days after the move, the corner lot exploded into flames, a victim of arson: the only clue found by investigating authorities was a severely damaged crate of triskelion-shaped trousers, each with three limb-holes.

The term has since become associated with any geographical space which acquires unwanted scrutiny or is otherwise menacing, pestiferous and pregnant with anticipated meaning. When appended with "explodes," the phrase is a code-word for the intense philosophical differences that came to light with the Third International AA Conference.


If left open, the lawn on a corner lot all too often becomes a shortcut from one sidewalk to the other. Such lawns may pose great dangers: balls and children are more likely to run into the street.
"...there are no corners in the Donut Shaped Earth..." -- Johannssen Messerschmidt

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The Corner Lot explodes.

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