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Plastic Tub is a repository of lore and history regarding the Accidental Associationalist movement, its activities, major players and splinter movements. All of the information herein has been supplied by amateur historians and participants of the group. While every effort has been made to preserve the accuracy and integrity of the information, please bear in mind that the wiki format allows anyone to change and update entries. Thus we advise all researchers that while Plastic Tub is a good starting point for your work, it should not be considered an infallible authority on any subject. Every effort should be made to verify and cross-check information contained in this site. Plastic Tub is not responsible for any errors or omissions in this site or the effects these errors may have on your personal projects.
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April seems to be a month of births and deaths. Flintrock's birthday and A.W. Slippers' death day both fell on April 1. Creatine Panderbox was born on April 16, 1930. And, according to John Titor, we can celebrate, quite early, the doting obituary of Tim Wilson that will appear in the April 2083 issue of UN Literary Marvels. More noted events on the AA Calendar include...CONTINUED



The Mormo cult first developed in Turkey during the Hellenic Period. It is believed to have been a syncretic cult which incorporated elements of regional Greek cthonic entities and the Ankaran demon "Mor-ah-noh." Over time, this becoame Mohrahn, and later Mormo. Sometime around the 4th Century AD it became infused with Manichean elements. Mormo was said to be a union of forces, one devil-god who ruled the spiritual and material realms... CONTINUED

April 20, 2021

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