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Pimp n. 1. Procurer of women, a merchant of sexual liason, seller of tail, a jackass, a worthless person, trash. 2.. A dousy-faced individual, usually male, with very fancy clothes. 3. v. To trick shit out -- to lend jazz -- to raise a thing through dull praise, to buttress (lat.). 4. Second sign on the O'Donnely Zodiac Placemats, marked by magnificent tragedy -- (Sanhedrin) and the gold teeth found by urinal 9. 5. In AA parlance a pimp is a surrogate and counsel member of the High Poob.


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Perhaps one of the more sinister side affects of the gradual change from the Mediterranean mystery cults into the Epoch of the Lamb is the transformation of the less refined tendencies of the archetypal father figure. That uneasy little area of abuse and midnight tyranny -- the world of the pimp (leno) or of a 'Madam' (lena) -- and their cultural duties as official shadows of the pscho-embedded dream-powered everyman past.

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The uneasy transition spoiled the fun for the cultures for which prostitution had become a big part of the society in as much as they created economies and industries built around temples where church and state and free market ideas freely mingled. The approach of this new era of righteousness despoiled the reign of the temple keeper, who instinctually fades from the obvious and whose remnants now work the dirty streets of Damascus or Toledo.

The Molechian priests were intermediary procurers of women for the re-enactment (with cabal members) of the expulsion from paradise and the subsequent diaspora with particular attention to the nether region between savage and ravage. Today’s Molechian cults are rumored to entertain randy activities that are uneasily familiar to these kinds of mythical lustings.

The Choco Cults represent today’s best alternative version of the idea of the pimp. The late twentieth century's strange fascination with the pimp grew out of the era of the blax-ploitation films and was quickly assimilated by a society in need of counter-cultural role models and would soon become a spectacle for derision and imitation. The urban revolution of black America was down with Choco for a while until they realized his message was broader than theirs and that he wasn't even African American, like they thought, but was, of course, just chocolate. The cult does employ the pimp in several of their office Christmas parties.

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Despite persistent rumors, Tommy the bookie was never a pimp. Marak Barrister, on the other hand, wanted to be.

In Shakespearean times, the word "fishmonger" was a euphemism for "pimp."

Mormo pimps are a dangerous breed; often times they will punch a new girl in the face.

Muslims and Jews have nifty pimp stories, too.