Poobicon of Malik Ali

From Plastic Tub

Not to be confused with the Poobinomicon, the Poobicon of Malik Ali is an inflammatory tract denouncing the Young Lords, published in May, 2004. The tract is spuriously attributed to the channeled spirit of its namesake. The author is almost certainly not affiliated with any AA circles, yet uses the critique of Poob Culture to make his or her point. It liberally sprinkles the words clamper and honeybees about in an exaggerated and deceptive manner, using the language of the AA to undermine it.

Last year Jupiter P. Snodgrass, Professor Emeritus of the University of Aberdeen, has proposed the theory that the Poobicon is a psy-op perpetrated by the FBI. Unfortunately, Dr. Snodgrass was found dead in his apartment, having choked on a turkey bone during his lonesome Christmas dinner in 2004.

In his initial treatment of the subject--The Poobicon is a Psy-op Perpetrated by the FBI--Snodgrass duly noted "that while a scratch on the arm is not proof that one was indeed scratched, it's more probable that one was than was not."