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prehensile a. 1. Disposed toward grasping or engaging; able to conform.


Why does the chimp not rule the earth? It has the all best bits of that grandest design: apposable thumb, prehensile tail, bipedal gait, inherited culture... Perhaps were God to grant the chimp an ostrich eye we might bow to a new maker...

Like the anaconda's embrace, his arguments swirl about, slowly ensnaring, until the truth is hidden, enfogged and engorged, like the dewy sprig lost in a vaporous fog...

Yeah, sure, you already thought of it; what else is new?

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Let the pragmatist seize the day. Let the opportunist seize the moment. Let the godless squeeze the joy from every moment. Let the miser squeeze blood from the stone. Let the sophomore twist the argument's neck. Let Tide ring the white back into your clothes. Let there be peace on earth.

I gotta lumber company.

"Gimme, gimme, gimme." -- Desiderata 90. Hindquarters -- Sweaty La'Beef (track 2). Alpha Chimp.

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