Roscoe Redfern

From Plastic Tub

Texan. Born 1961. He arrives very early and stays very late -- loudly regaling whoever will listen with harrowing tales of prison jigs, firecracker sodomites and tar-heelers. He is a bifurcated snake-head and receives jack-squat, and likes it.

The Death Row Diva of Texas. Famous Journalist known for his take-no-prisoners style of writing. Redfern has been a long time favorite in the Hyper Macho world of Texas State Correctional Facilities were he is loved by the Prison Administration and Inmates alike. His Jailhouse interviews (mostly tall tales of the Prison Nature) are best sellers throughout North America. He commands huge fees for his work and lives a larger than life Texas lifestyle. Inspiration for 1989's Texas B-Movie slasher film Sherrif-Mann.

In addition to being a friend of the Bush family, he once called Stimes Addisson a "New York faggot," despite the fact that Stimes hails from Ohio.