Senatario Felicio Ban De Soleil

From Plastic Tub

Brasilian, 1916-1950. Carrying upon his shoulders several city blocks of the abject poor, he arrives dog-tired but twinkling. He is a beri-beri scare and is offered, but refuses, a one-way ticket to "grumpytown."

Brasilian Politician assassinated in Rio de Janeiro in 1950. His wife Maria Madrid Mantu, was an Evita-like national hero in the wake of his death.

He was a gregarious and generous nepot who won the hearts of the masses with his boyish jig and fiery rhetoric. In addition to bringing much-needed canals into the Amazon, he lowered the price of beer throughout the land.

He was a poet and his apology for cannibalism, Mmm, good! (1947) was written in a bizarre mixture of Portuguese limericks and Baconian sonnets.

On May 19, 1950, he was buried according to his wishes: shot out of a cannon into the sea.