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Sin (act. sinfulness) n.v. 1. In the Western Canon, a religious crime of varying degree; a divergence from virtue. 2. An activity conceived as an opposable righteousness; an amusing pastime. 3. A form of Kapital; the mother of invention. 4. euph. You are very unapproachable. 5. Without (Spanish).


At the crux of sin is the belief in some almighty, omniscient judge; the belief that you're being watched, that your (lascivious) thoughts are overheard, that your very motives may be used against you in the eternal tribunals of the hereafter. Sin only has meaning if there's at least one witness who cannot be approached, who cannot be “taken care of”, bought off, or vanished. The blazing sun was said to be the unblinking eye of Mithra, and the stars of night the thousand eyes of his minion. Be it Jiminy Cricket or YVHV, you are not alone – which is not always meant to be comforting. So watch it, pal.

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