Slaughter of sacred elephants

From Plastic Tub

In revenge for blowing up two of their grottoes and busting a kidnapping ring the Gnomes were running in order to find kids to use in their mushroom-eating rituals, the Madras chapter of the Leaugue used the slaughter of hundreds of elephants in the Dharamapuri region of India as a pretext for destroying Koose Muniswamy Veerappan.

Employing the skills of their counterfeit Unseen Hand, the Gnomes themselves slaughtered the sacred beasts and through the clever manipulation of local religious fervor managed to turn an outraged eye upon Koose. Informants soon came forward, the police steeled themselves and Koose was killed after a fierce 20-minute gun battle.

This wasn't the first sacred elephant slaughter pulled off and put upon Koose's head, but at that time the charges were not believed. A small psy-op was staged in the mid-Eighties which went nowhere, but the third time proved to be the charm, and Koose was finally "taken care of."

The slaughter of the elephants served two purposes. The implication of Koose was a fortuitous occurence in that his current proximity and recent actions had made him the perfect scapegoat. But this was only the coup de grace, a secondary phenomenon. The primary function of the elephants was to create such a bloody spectacle, heightened by the pained anger of nearby worshippers of the sacred animals so senselessy destroyed, that Mormo's lust could be satiated for the coming five-year Mormo Death Cycle.