Society of Men With Secret Underwear

From Plastic Tub

A satirical secret order founded by Ahmed Capra in a blatant attempt at luring Balthazar Buehb into a fistfight. When Buehb flatly refused to tussle, Capra flew into a rage, shedding his pants in a fell swoop. It was thought his creation of the Society was merely an elaborate set-up for this performance, made possible by a pair of "tear-away" pants.

Curiously, the language of the anonymous Secret Underwear Report, 2000, regarding stains especially, is similar to the language used against Cleo James Thurstunwell in Crack Stepper Jack, the Untold Story Told.

Non-Canonical Text

After much ballyhoo and scrurrilous newspaper coverage, it was exposed by insiders that the Secret Underwear weren't terribly secret, or even terribly interesting -- they were simply stained.

Known Works

  • Watchtowers; poetry, propaganda and gratuitous insults.