Stabbing Hat

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Stabbing Hat was originally conceived by Steven Vogeler as a simple passage from an unrealized Lil' AA animation that was once thought lost but magically re-appeared and was re-issued at the insistence of the bosses at Alpha Chimp Records under the title of The theme to Capra's funny dance. It is rumored that the tune came in a variety of styles or "re-mixes," including one with a rare Stimso Adid voiceover that is treasured among audiophiles hep to the AA. In the late nineties Vogeler re-envisioned the song with his newly-formed Surrealist Quartet (Vogeler and five machines) and re-released it as the flip-side of his ultra-catchy mini-epic Associationalist Composition No.1.

Stabbing Hat is thought to be a codename for the skipper who transported members of the AA to Wee-Wee during its heydey. By using it for the title of this song, Vogeler is acknowledging the deliberate influence of charm upon the unbeguiled, that it to say, the all-too-fey incantation of desire cast upon an unobtainable object: the hat, stabbing, is a pointless motion emulating the tides which held the encoded captain back.


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