Street Gang

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A street gang is a method of human organization intended to replace or usurp missing or invalidated power and control structures. It is also used to enhance youthful cameraderie, concentrate activity and propagate alternative socio-philosophical belief systems. Composed largely of disaffected adolescent males drawn from the economically oppressed, Late Capitalist societies generate such groups in staggering numbers. John Bellyhorn described such groups in a pioneering study accomplished under the auspices of The Stultifying Over-Marm's League of Boston, in 1976, concluding:

"Street gangs are very fluid in nature, and while it is fairly easy to develop intelligence information about them, many times the information is outdated almost before it is disseminated to the proper individuals. Studies in the field have yielded little information, and that information which has come to light has come under great sacrifice: broken limbs, stabbing wounds and superfluous tattooery are too often the heavy burden of the modern researcher. Despite this great difficulty in procuring accurate data, we have been able to assemble the rudiments of futher understanding through the use elaborate disguises, aerial photography, telephone bugging and kidnapping.
Generally, for purposes of this discussion, a gang can be considered to be a loosely organized group of individuals who collaborate together for social reasons. Modern day gangs now collaborate together for anti-social reasons. Gangs generally have a leader or group of leaders who issue orders and reap the fruits of the gang's activities. A gang may also wear their "colors", wear certain types of clothing, tattoos, brands, or likewise imprint their gang's name, logo, or other identifying marks on their bodies. Many gangs also adopt certain types of hairstyles and communicate through the use of hand signals and graffiti on walls, streets, school work, and school property. It must be understood that it is not illegal to be in a gang and indeed many adults are currently involved in activities that meet Webster's definition for a gang. However, many gangs of today, especially youthful gangs, break the law to provide funding for gang activities or to further the gang's reputation on the streets."

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