The Chameleon

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Born of cruel necessity, age unknown. He is the sidekick of angels, a fork in the middle of a pie. He cannot arrive, no invitation is sent.

Caped Crusader who accompanied Balloonjaw from 1975-1980. He was played by a number of AA'ers, none ever positively identified. The Chameleon suit was stolen from a warehouse in 1993; now primarily serving the cause of evil, the suit passed through a number of hands until arriving, sadly, in a used-car commercial airing briefly in Cleveland, Ohio. Reporters on the scene later described themselves as "agape."

Recenctly unearthed in Cairo, the suit has become an object of worship among the more deranged elements of the Accidentalist underground. Their rites are rumored to be a vicious claptrap of schizoid proportion, nearing complete madness. The Men, or Salamanders, shed their faces in lieu of strutting poppycock while the women, referred to as Skinks, for their part shuffle sideways also, spinning wildly, spiraling ever-closer to a looming nexus of warm-bloodedness.

The Balloonjaw comics were a popular read among characters in the Lil' AA who sometimes dressed as Balloonjaw and the Chameleon.

Non-Canonical Text

...appropriated a fantastical plot the infiltrating radical Gypsy groups.


In 1999 the Chameleon enjoyed a sudden surge in popularity, appearing at numerous comic book conventions and tattoo-parlour promotional events.