The Holy Order of The Boxcutter

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Golden Age

The "Holy Order" is the true power within the North American Cardboard Container Manufacturer's Association (NACCMA) and is under the direction of The League of Gnomes. NAACMA is essentially a legitimate trade association and not all member companies are owned by the Gnomes; under the secret direction of the Holy Order, however, NAACMA effectively promotes the interests of the Gnomes without actually breaking any laws.

Finding Kid Talent

The Order was founded by John P. Merriweather in 1964 in order to keep a finger on the pulse of the Gnomes' holdings in the industry and was under the direction of Christopher Andrews Stephenson III until his death in 1987.

Organizational Structure

There are three "Abbots," all of whom are Noble Gnomes. These Abbots are located in New York, Mexico City and Toronto. Kthonoïd Gnomes serve as "Sub-Alterns," or assistants, to the Abbots. Membership is believed to be about 35 Gnomes, including officers.

The governing body of all Abbots is called the Council of the Cave and is headed by a "Grand Gnome Sovereign" with two "Rikers."