The Luscious Sequitor

From Plastic Tub

A biography of Creatine Panderbox by Easton W. Wunderkidd, 1990. Generally dismissed by AA scholars as "hokum and clap-trap," it still manages a few giggles.

Currently out of print.


23. -- Somewhere in South America 1948

of the box-
The Box is full of X-Rays
The Box contains internal secrets made visible
The Box holds out for Violent Thrusting
The Box holds the cat, the demon, the paradigm
The Box is not for everybody
Galileo's container angled for the peak
but was graded on the curve.
We await summer
our smells camo-ed in the dying files
the bleeding fields.

24. -- entry from Wunderkidd's diary dated April 27, 1960

God is fucking hot
maybe too hot
I am worried about the rest
Especially Creatine
Her skin emoillates
My hat protects me from the sun
But from her gaze?
So many pools...
tonight I will feed on mosquitos in my sleep.

26.-- entry from Wunderkidd's diary dated May 2, 1960.

(line 3 may be refering to The League of Gnomes)
I have not seen Creatine since last night.
I am afraid she may be missing.
I should not have got her mixed up in all of this
My favorite hunting pants are also missing.