The Phrenologist's Strop

From Plastic Tub


Removing the Accident

quarterly pertaining to the extra-curricular activities of Dimestore phrenologists and parlor gamers. Published by and for Poobs. Although the magazine peddled mostly in the likes of palmistry charts and seance tables, candles, herbs and amulets, it also offered an array of fascinating gadgets and contraptions for both the amatuer home detective and the serious sleuth. The bulk of the magazine was filled with advertisements for private dicks, bailbondsman, fortune tellers, mediums, golden dawn enthusiasts, massage therapists and girl fridays.


In the special ectoplasm issue, deep amongst the ghost tales, detective thrillers and spriritualist impedimenta, a young Ahmed Capra encountered The Ballad of Pants McFadden, beginning a lifelong infatuation with the wild and randy character.