The Pink Fright

From Plastic Tub

Late 16th-century campaign allegedly carried out by La Ligue d'Agenda de la Pinque, famous for its far-reaching mass appeal. God-fearing young men under the guise of "wrestling for the King" were deceived into homosexual acts. Few found shame and fled, but the ranks continued to grow. With the success of their first masturbation machine they soon drew the ire of the governing fathers who persecuted the collectives until they went underground. Many secret societies are claimed by unscrupulous authors to have found thier roots in this diaspora of wickedness.

Active in France, Italy, Spain, Austrian and Egypt, the Pink Fright has repercussions today in the many clandestine internecine battles between those who identify with owls and those who promote the chimp.

Some have proposed that the recent spate of obvious homosexual indoctrination mechanisms embedded within such popular children's programs as the Teletubbies and SpongeBob Squarepants is a resurgence of The Pink Fright, but this is highly doubtful.