The Population

From Plastic Tub

Basically, everybody that can yell, individually or collectively, above the crowd. The rest matter only when polled.

The Population has four parts:





Honeybees, the Cups, represent histrionic theatricality, knee-jerk reaction and hard-nosed business sense. Victimization is the prosthetic limb.

Poobs represent the bourgeois but the diverse blob which is amorphous, dividing, heavy beyond its size. These are the Wands. But these wands are dead wood.

Greasers are the Swords, striving, nicknaming, naturally anti-authoritarian. Dacusse, Flintrock....

Nobles are represented by discs of gold and are lucky, unquestioned, and fantastically pantalooned, if only physically. They tend to erect a jewel-encrusted onyx in the foyer.