The Shipping Lane Aside

From Plastic Tub

The Shipping Lane Aside, by A.W. Slippers. Excerpted from 1745 speech to the Maryland Hall of Commons, The Relegation of Powers As Defined by The Popular Movement in Newe England, Primarily Defined by It’s Maritime Investments.


The climatory study of the uncommonly peril circumstances of revolutionary process rewards the historian with a wealthy setting for the study of a culture born of a religious restlessness, ripped from the belly of an aristocratic urge, a mercantile royalty weaned on the gray science of history.
Gnostic monoprints, anxious courtesan cults
scuttled by its merry cast of characters
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“those quirky guys”
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in direct contrast to it’s social discernments, ,, hallow-faced and bemoaning -- --- 25 lawyers : : and six doctors.
Present as well, the uncompromising sense of entitlement seemingly due all who can flee Europe -- “the hordes of the recently unchained, pilloried by visions of creamed corn and the velvet belvedere of incidental servitude” effectively coupled with the untrammeled Translatlantic trade and all its gray sciences, courtsesan sponsored posturing, and cancerous catsup digesting empire
trading, more as a
(here there is a section of the manuscript missing)
The steamboat was carrying the president, recently hitched to a swanky blonde, contrarily believed by many to be the first courtesan photographed in New Engli\ (a well worn footpath upon which could be found all manner of philanthropists, shark-beaters, german mousecatchers, bootlickers and strapping maids with bars of titanium, wisps of soap, boorish glances across the bow and other human sundries, billibogs and ne’re do wells)
The course of something beginning it’s bottom paragraph, something largely whacked from stone, lazily, accompanied by the murmurs of the chamber adjacent, where we blow all out with list of guys, inscribed like a menu or a lavish recipe of dangerous solvents, groups of gaggling farmers, full of pride, starting to murder the traitorous, so say two military men meeting two politicians, a printer, several merchants and a Bolivian spice dealer whose heart was perforated with a bullet, the rest of his days .face could summon Jackon, Geale and Dixon’s Exit.