The Unseen Hand

From Plastic Tub

unseen hand iyp. 1. The sleight behind a magic trick. 2. That which enters the pants, purse, sometimes unbidden. 3. The Anahinthan. 4. The thumb behind the fuse; the grip on the pool cue; the eye gouger; God. 5. A classic over-the-shoulder tit-rub manouver favored by adolescent male moviegoers worldwide. 6. That which animates a puppet.


"And I take my hand and I press it to your jeans and I slip it in your underwear." -- The Odd. Do You Think I Really Care. Oh My G*dd - It’s the Odd.

"The finger was found in the entryway, the sword was in the bathroom and broken pieces of a gun were in the living room, according to court documents released Friday." -- Zack, Margaret. "Three teens charged in sword attack." twins cities + region. Star Tribune. August, 12, 2006.


Houdini was said to possess three hands. Eng and Chang possessed four.