The World in A Cup, or Some Such Thing

From Plastic Tub

Short, semi-biographical pamphlet produced by Stimso Adid in 1956, intended as "instructional reading for young men," featuring essays on sexual union, table manners, elocution and the mores of polite society. The work is divided neatly in two, the latter half dedicated almost entirely to Adid's fascination with the metaphorical properties of pantaloons.

A kind of inspirational calendar, each day of the year is awarded either Ten Rules of Conduct or a Tiny Task.


"In all the world there are but two things that tally consistently upward: the goblet of sherry spiked with opium and secondly, the most ill-fitting pants you can find." (p. 27)
"Never bring the topic of poop among the Poob." Rule No. 3 of "Uncle Stimso's Ten Rules Of Conduct For January 7."