Three Blind Mice

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Three Blind Mice is a simple, albeit dark, nursery rhyme that is accompanied by an equally simple tune.

Three Blind Mice

Three blind mice. Three blind mice.

See how they run. See how they run.

They all ran after the farmer's wife.

She cut off their tails with the butcher's knife.

Did you ever see such a sight in your life, as

Three blind mice?

Numerous interpretations have been presented; it is, however, fairly well established that the poem is refers to an incident in which Queen Mary I (a.k.a., Bloody Mary, a devout Catholic and fierce defender of the Faith) had several protestant Lords executed. A third reading has also been postured by a team of musicologists in the 1960s. According to their research, Mary actually executed four Protestants during this incident. The rhyme changed the number to three to render an allegorical subtext in which the farmer's wife (Mary) is the Catholic Church, which is/has killed true Christianity, as represented the either the Holy Trinity or, possibly, the three Wise Men.


To the Editor of the Tub,

First, let me say that I admire your courage: the only site out there with the brass to publish the Truth.

Second, let me express my dismay at your dismal read of Three Blind Mice. You've completely the ignored several easily substantiated facts.

  1. The tune precedes the rhyme by at least four centuries. The first documented reference to the lyrics occurs in the form of some barely legible carvings on the bottom of a floor joist of a German tavern constructed in 1843. The joist and carvings are still held in Berlin's Architectural Museum of Beerhall History. The carvings had to have been made before the floor was laid, which effectively establishs the carvings as 1843 or earlier. That's actually pretty close to first documented appearance of the tune in Europe, which is a cribbed score included in a letter dated April 27, 1804, from Ludwig van Beethoven to the British naval officer and patron of the arts, James Lucas Yeo. This letter clearly establishes the ditty as the inspiration for the famous opening to the Fifth (ba, ba, ba, bum... ba, ba, ba, bum... etc.). So most so called scholars just said, "Well the lyrics and the tune were written around the same time, end of story." Such idiocy and arrogance! If the scholars would just take a minute to think outside the world of Europe, it's not that difficult to show that the tune existed in India at least four hundred years earlier. There are literally hundreds of fifteenth century Indian hand flutes that are clearly designed to play this exact tune. But here's the thing - no one in India will admit it. Why? There can only be one reason: it's the Unplayed Tune, used for centuries by the Thugees in murders that are clearly linked to Mormoic ritual murders, unplayed because to hear it is to die. The evidence is all right there, laid out in front of everyone...
  2. The tune's the theme song for the Three Stooges. Need I say more? Gnomic pys-ops were never more transparent - dropping this viscious tune into a playful show to defuse the horror of the rhyme... Insidious.
  3. The three blind mice are the three branches of the American Government. Go to any web site on the subject, for God's sake - hell, go to Wikipedia (

Now stop and think about it. A Mormo Death Cult tune migrates to Europe and picks up new lyrics around the War of 1812 that reference the collapse of the U.S. Government. Do I make myself clear?

OK then -- don't believe me? Well here's the kicker. Over the last half century, three texts all appeared, and they were all ignored as nonsense. Perhaps they suffered from a touch of nonsensical, (Ed. Note: Kettle calling the pot black?) -- but they all touched on similar themes, and all three authors disappeared under mysterious circumstances. I've included the full texts below; but first, a few comments:

  • Text A appeared in a "letter" from former agent Smedley Wissock to the FBI, smuggled out of a mental institution by a fellow inmate. Apparently Wissock was denied access to writing material: this "text" was written on soiled underwear in an "ink" of mouse dropping/saliva.
  • Text B was written in the note book of revisionist Mormo Cult historian John Wickle -- found after his death.
  • Text C was posted on the now defunct for approximately three hours by user:blind$4Moley, who never posted again.

Alright - enough from me (Ed. Note: Indeed), I think the texts speak for themselves.

Keep the faith Tub!

Text A:

That incessant tune – bearing down – the three notes droping down, down, down; down down down – like a knife on tails, the butcher ON the bloc – the slow pounding of giant footsteps approaching… and again the repeated cascade – that sequence –- (see how they run, see how they run) – and the quickening – the scurrying, hopless – notes jumping up and down in a panic – crying for help - and it slows back down - eaten souls - the eternal beeting of the three notes like a heart beat receding from an eternal coffin

And the words just fold back on themselves. There’s nothing there. everytime i see what they mean, there's 3 more understandings, and 3 more folded underneath, and 3 more inside those three... so why 8, the 8th, more ma, a jingle? this dark? there's something else there - like bearing down like the farmer's wife with a lavisious grin, all gummy and curled - meaty forearms, thick fingers round the clearer - gleaming like her eyes - but how can i see it? blind, blind, blind everyone scurries....

Text B:

3 blind mice, 3 blind mice
3 slow, descending beats (minor arpeggio) - a slow warning - approach - drawing near, the chop, chop, chop

see how they run, see how they run
the reapeating of the 2nd note - qucking of the pace - but why more - 8 beats this time?

she cut of their tails with a butcher's knife, have you ever seen such a sight in your life, as
notes jumping up & down & the frantic rhythm like the mad, blind scurries, souls eaten

3 blind mice, 3 blind mice
the mice: dead. return to the slow decending arpeggio, which like rings link a marching off into the distance -- or a hollow thudding heart incoffined for ever

Text C:

Three cubed:

  1. A catchy tune
    • Theme song to the Three Stooges
    • Beloved nursery rhyme
    • Gnomic threat signal
  2. An allegorical cautionary
    • The emasculative Catholic priestess & ritualized murder
    • Three wise men - eaten souls
    • Blind(ing) Justice & politics torn down. You either get it, or you don't.
  3. Not to be confused with the Three Little Pigs
    • Pinocchio reversed
    • A backwards yawn: an empty coffin never filled
    • No homunculi here

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Update: April 15, 2005

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