Three Special Ingredients on Rice

From Plastic Tub

Text by Tim Wilson.

(transcribed from original manuscript, 1994)

who isn't without the yellow ear mark? who hasn't

given the rub and glub on the slim who isn't aware of the

importance of distraction?

he is in the qualms of wintered discourse
the meats step over his angled shoulder, his eyes leap

off the page, sitting next to the miller high life.

whose chinese grand ma?
have you seen her?
-------> 1/2 cup soup, any variety
-------> 1/4 cup sugar reed
the pointed cap revolves
over the meadown, in a dirigible outfitted for the

duration, he gazes out at the cut of the land ... and cut it is.

into parsects, into homesteads, into pocket-sized giblets

that wail at the onset of the heel, the shoe and the leg that

parts it.

crumbling half-wit sons that are vying in suits for the

throny potato, who hasn't whipped up in bed, who

isn't going downtown on the E train? sit next to the

masticated skilllearner, his timorous act is a transparent

truce, jingo!

his ruse, it's sexless adaptation, makes her the shuttle to


kasparov hunkers down with the enormity. he kills

the jaywalkin' fool. inner outer around into the chant

chamber, bewail into the early morning.

squinted chinee, speak in this fat and sleek auto, sell

me a single stalk of asparagus, and later, i'll regret my

gruff demeanor, i'll regret the insistence, despite your

protestation -- you charged me 33 american pennies for this elegance,

this pulping rod, and it's funny too.

and the night previous, i eat tomato in cold wind, is

chilly. i eat hearyt toma toe. it big. roun. red like some

mysterious organ. it drippy.

want to have the council sit in the steam room, maybe

they'll burn off some of that full-on-crap they're always

leaving around, clinging to microphones, stinking all

smaltered on the lenses of cameras. dirty pieshells in the

midland brimming with flowers. floating in the water

contained by a vodka bottle.

the illustration of a tooth, tongue happer boar
gritty mouthed daemon, my teeth are like yours.

dental dreams, a big breasted blonde, with dark roots, her

seat makes her look happy, dark eyes, and heaving

delicous. rolled-up sleeves, diggin' in.

and then i stop to write, i go to pee. see old man wash

cup, red cup plastic cup washing. o'er and o'er he does.

droopy man. look like the crook of withered cannister.

new york is like a little baby, it needs to be burped

and chortled upon. mexico city is more grand. i have seen

it on a postcard the size of texas.

no love in the lump of brick. watched it like a kelp

bed, or dice roll without inky fingers.

opulace of dirty car
the man in all checkererd polyester
the recurring not the arab chap chatting to the

newspapermen who laugh with great tempo . . . or the

woman with the really large boots, that have insects

becovering, the chinese woman speaking in darts, broken

english, she even told me that south china is fish.

the coin operated love affair, the undulating

manticore, the beginning of helping and sharing and undre

the standing, and bowling lop lops, in joints of fur, rolling

bowling like energetic dung beetles in glee, tiny, round,

full-binned, ballsdown the lane, or alley, or the yes men

will come-over, clapping facelessly, grinning in the

impossible light, which is dim at best, even in little

magazine stores, which also bend cigars, the machine

opens it's beleagured maw, accepts my money dolefully,

coughing and sputtering out change into the hands of

some dandruff, some surgeon who gives it to me.

the townsfolk are all vandals! the dirty bastards can

all go burn in the furnaces, kept constantly refueled, and

maintained so expertly, that the temperatures rise to

undreamed of utility.

or perhaps, more kindly, the townsfolk will abandon

their shovels, let upon themselves fall the righteous

indignation and so and so forth. the opening in the

nearest mouth in town, the jalopy, ok i said, it now get out

of the immediately, abandon all persuits, of any

kind, and no dilly-dallying in the grass beanbag of love.

the young oilman yanked his haypiece
long and jibes
we saw the film the girl who wipes
virgin ploughed, keeping the napkin in a filing

cabinet, the verdigris. the flowers of fitteen minutes ago.

on the corner of lex and 88th, after the short and light rain.

laying or lying, or having been laid, beside the steel.

trash. can.
carved into rectangles and cubes, occasionally a

triangle for big sparks. the only the shoes in town!

the only floating jumpsuits, and the view! you should

see the view.

i thought of the screens, pryed off and emptied on the

floor. a tricky job.

a jungle hook with prey for a week, cold and

troubled, morose about the loss of his daughter who is the

new princess of inlets and doorjambs removed.

what of it? so he died to talk of it, he is dead, indeed

one in a tomb, he is dead.

come now, give me the opened head, once again.

capitus, soup cans, stinky and full of chalk. is he dead?

the earmarked page held nothing of interest, merely

drivel concerning the erection of clumsy facades and

palisades. to read such a thing is to fall into the hallway,

drunk, you can shout and hoot. you can even guffaw and

titter gregariously. to no avail. the stones do not breathe

despite what you may have heard.

the use of wood is most important. the hay is the

smack of tied rope. there can be no more bagels, today,

the jungle is surrounded by trucks.

by gorgeous trucks with large heads of sticks, rolling

on inflated rubber wheels, groaning in pits of steel, no such

thing, yer crazy.

lithe natives cower in the brush, popping immense

boils on each others backs. the sound of it is delicious. a


no such thing, yer crazy as a hat.
it's a lulu
the burnt egg of dawn slips onto your face

because you didn't pull down the shade, dumbass.

the sounds in the hall rival those of hannibal's

advance. what of it? you gurgle in the steeped goop of

your dreaming.

through the cage bars a fried face. burnt in some

primordial fur long long hair knotted in traps and footfalls,

loose teeth in a bracket. black shudder with the head on

your shoulders working out the mathematical equations it

will take to escape.

arte moderno can go suck my ass, let me cum all over

it's bruised and upturned boobies

remember the sag pap? the old udder? the downtrod

babe of 80 on the stoop, her children going amuck?

if it's not a high tech plastic, then bedamn it.
what about the couple under the floorboards,

fucking? they want to write their names on the wood

down there . . . where done will read it, and only they, and

i, will know it's there, the sounds and vibration from the

floor, a large rat's wrestling, her face is tattooed, his face

is dark, and like mine, but different. i think they are

bankrobbers. the old let us fuck and shoot em up game

but what about my stack of black

and white photographs? in the midst of her fake orgasm.

he grabs them in his hands, wrapped in gauze or broken

plaster, i realize it has been a ruse! they have broken

my typewriter while i was unconscious.

all the gangsters are laughing and want me to pay

money to fix it, if i refuse they will shoot me.

all the faces up here, and all of them different. so

bizarre. how many can there be? where is my eerie


i'll snap the homonculus' neck.
he has nicer shoes than i do, nicer clothes, neater

haircut, the building in bald shape according to the sound

of slaps on pythagoras' face. he is a good old chap, no

need to do any of the tough guy routine.

just sit and muse over it's old time beer night.
you can drink for a nickel and fuck the bartender's

wife for a dime

she has money in her bra, and if you lick her neck

she'll give you plus, extra.

her children watch from the hallway, masturbating

into tin cups.

they really go with the yo, yo yo yo, and shit yo
in tomkins sq. there is a statue of a woman, the only

woman, and her breasts are frighteningly large, large like

you don't want them to fall over on top of you.

if you depost breadcrumbs about the base, art is


if you stare out of the corner of your eye, imagining,

madly, that she is shifting her position, so obviously! so

slightly . . .

dark raining drinking a 40
give me the opened head, and into the garden, give

me the full report. the rifle stands at attention, among the

gardenias and azelias. smelling like old pirate booty.

an old friend on the street
his face covered in snot
drunk as a piss
smelling of it, too.
little hands for little manuevers, stealing cheese from

the supermarket, cramped and mimicing the calls of dying

inbreds, stuffed with toilet tissue and overpriced cans of

prefabricated food and rinky dink operations in back

alleys, chinatown.

here is the pointillism of soup, can we uncover the

hereafter? three precious ingredients on rice

bean curd skin roll
aromatic egg
the newly shaven head, hunkered down in a

whillowhip of traction, tennishoes bloodied, picking at a

wound at the zenith of his head, rubbing it with a steel


i looked for a moment, took her picture.
my finger heals nicely.
the door open, down the hall, the breeze, the fat man

who stinks, walking around in his stretched out looms.

medallion on a mock turtle neck
tells me it costs too much too keep it clean, why

bother? rather spend it on beer, one beer, then two, three

beers, isn't is suave, he thinks. it keeps itself tied up until

ther snow starts carving in on his slumber.

why not keep to the stairwell? the tops of the

ascending heads have giggles written all over them.

why not climb out on the roof adjacent, reeling with

beer and pot, stumbling into pipes and tarcovered nubs?

look down into the streets, hoping for a glimpse down

some poor bag's shirt, titties like openhearted surgery, the

blueprints sweating in the creases beneath, fat, gigantic

nipples like land fields, no pearls or gold.

give me the opened head and the basket it rode in on.

moses of the park, needling the passerby with wingnut

theosophy, his hands wrapped up in his mouth.

action over-voiced revelling in wind moaned tinkle


his ream of papree sits available in a dumpster, he

simply hasn't claimed it as yet. dreadlocked black man

with the shopping cart and the toaster oven for a dollar

his daughter kneeling in the dirt, playing the lute.

pantaloons opened with the wear and the tear, etc.
she strips for the christians who warn her to clear her


she is told to eat it all up

is it so strong? is it without perfect scent?

over to the deli we go halfdressed

fledglings in the mode ornery

columbos without clues

or without the funny looking

cigar with no ash.

tossed and turned with the green head on a pole


children in zippered puoffs

french women outside in the rain

i want to see thier

broken shoes!

walls xyed with glue

stepping in the open window

avuncular readings of poe

a finger grown gruff

with the scissors, tiny loops

immense four head

a tandem shout in the rectangles of light

worthless coconut in tin

badlerrolflynn with open sores on his face

speak up with with your conches and echinoderms

pallid cluemaster

steam bath window in chinatown

and the great spear of dimness
a bowl of egrets, noodles

fathoms of submarines

over the seas, blew over from the beachfront.

waterspouts in tune with starflight


theremin boots in the elevator

prodding the ceiling

with knives alit by wax
flower stalks go stiff in arm

the japaniodal rhombus

the brazilian ermine in jars

guns foraging for air,

socks in the blue ratspoor

impshacked and buns on the oven

cooked to perfection

youth and age and viands
for little ones

cooked and quaffed without

smiling corks, shipwrecks

on the rocks and sandbulbs

i want to opine over the pinwheel

torque, mechanics of dirges and floops.

tarboiled plants on wharves

silk asses with the rumpus
in the kitchen.

how much for the broad in the window, he asks.

"she is pert and young and has no wrinkles under her skin,

she flies in liquid, dries quickly in air,

slicks back her hair

without unction, morosity, she longs for embrace like sun

drop time zones, in jealous rages, she is pretty and young

she can run very fast."

yeah, how much

" -- she can cook and sew, she can dictate lengthy

arbitrations between warring parties, she can be jolly.

she can be unhappy, and yet piqued with charm

she dresses smartly. and can bank on the goods."

sounds lovely, how much. he asks, fumbling for his


"she can sing and dance, too, albeit poorly. it is the thought

that counts, no? she can make rice and puddding."

an ass like a bulb of tubing

metalline corpse face, all

fucked up with jellies

a million negroes on the couch

flopping and begging for change.

'git a cigarette buddy?

nice hair for a wi'ee

cracker with your blood sausage

hindu bootlickers

stone bridges unguarded, and

Spring in a bucket.

the lindburg baby in shorts, lying

on an acapulcan beachfront, sipping

cronies and moneybags full of

clams and conches.

trumpet bleat awakens the morning

drobbing by fer a drink? i mean

really DROBBING by

fall dow te stair frouteen times

whatch you mean, shooga

clit rubbed wall banger

insider the insert matrix, again.

give me to the milkman, willya?

go get me a coke, git me on the

top, again. thrutt like water

jets set on high.