True Pink

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Treatise published by the League of the Cancerous Mask (1776) which discusses a "Secret Doctrine" found throughout history, said to be based on gender roles of ancient Egypt and carried out in accordance with the teachings of the sects close to Hermes Trismagestus. The code has been recidified numerous times and expressess itself in the Patriarchal societies we enjoy today. Rouge or Red elements of the ancient Egyptian doctrine such as "sodomy as revenge" still exist today in most of the Middle East, American Prisons and allegedly The League of Gnomes.

Since the Second Century AD, supporters of the Doctrine have advocated simple Hetero-Monogamous Relationships, based on self-supporting family-tribes (auto poob clusters), with built-in market adjusters such as rape, prostitution and sodomy. Numerous radical religous and poetical groups continue to subvert its role in history yet the True Pink doctrine is still the Current Sexual Paradigm in practice today. William S. Burroughs describes the situation nicely in several of his lesser-known essays and interviews.

The Cancerous Mask says this Docrine is espoused by La Ligue d'Agenda de la Pinque in a dramatic show of self-hatred by a group of men "who are in love with themselves, but they are impotent" and "who, like mules, are sterile. Their children would be monsters."

Another claim, very subtly argued, is that "la Pinque" is mainly in it for the money, and that their strategems are two-faced. They cause mayhem in the world, to justify an expansion of their power. They find ways to profit and gather themselves on the hunched backs of the miserable. Their "homosexualists cant" is in fact a result of a morbid fascination with the homosexual as an evil abomination. Usurping his mantle, they can blame the disintegration of values they in fact help to produce on him, and can then reinforce the image of their own system, that is to say one of patriarchal auto-poob clusters in the pursuit of capital.

The Cancerous Mask reaffirms its opposition to la Pinque. They rigorously reject the New World Odor and Poob Culture. They excoriate the harmful disguise and declare in no uncertain terms "a compleat and utter commitment to the real pursuit of Liberty."

It is here we learn that the "Cancerous Mask" means Pooban hypocrisy. Their identity is a satire.

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