Tub Book: Style Guide

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The main thing is to be consistent -- so if you see inconsistent patterns punctuation, let us all know!


Internal Links:

  • Internal links that properly name the entry -- leave as is
  • Misdirects (e.g., Wacky Tobaccy actually takes you to Stinking Weed) -- leave as is, but add a "see" reference to the index (e.g., Wacky Tobaccy see Stinking Weed)
  • Dead links (they take you know where) -- fix 'em (preferably) or delete 'em (when imagination or patience lacks) (e.g., change giant to giant -- now live, pointing to "The Worship of Dongs")

External Links: Add the address after in parenthesis. For example:

  • Adid likes to jump rope (http://www.jumprope.com) in Madrid.
Should be changed to:


  • glossary terms should be lower case unless they are proper nouns (e.g., ablation vs. Tampa)
  • each definition should end in a period (or exclamation point or question mark).
  • watch the 2.a. ... 2.b. layout -- be sure that you have a period after the number & after the letter

General Copy Edits

  • Use double dashes (--) instead of em-dashes because em-dashes don't work so well in this wiki
  • if we're going Yank style, periods, question marks, and exclamation marks go inside quotes. (Personally, I prefer British style, which puts the end punctuation outside of the quote unless the end punctuation is part of the quote -- but I think we have mostly been following the Yank style, so let's keep the end punctuation inside quotes unless someone else wants to argue otherwise.)
  • one space after periods and colons (speak up if you'd prefer 2 spaces)
  • dates -- like this: 3 March, 2007 (speaks up if you'd prefer March 3, 2007)
  • Ellipses (i.e., ...) -- surround them by spaces (e.g., "and then ... she went to the sky")