Vogeler and The Mexican Fellow

From Plastic Tub

A short exerimental drama by Steven Vogeler, performed several times at The Pocket Sandwich Theater in Dallas, Texas. The narrative, as such, is delivered through the disjointed rambling of a fevered cashier working in a white-supremacist supply store. The text was printed in the 27th issue of Reticent 27, second series, as The Ongoing Adventures of a Man And His Country, Both Entirely Hi-Jacked.



Behold, I have come among you, and have found you wanting.
Wanting for a bath, that is.

Unwashed Masses:

(murmuring incosolately)
But seriously, you should think about your soul. Think about the Gove Desert. When a sinner plants his seed, God thinks, here is a man who can clean up after my pale-skinned and blessed children. Because after the party of inter-mixing is accomplished, we will need a fire.
(here is where we need the froth of tones, the froth of mankind, the mocha froth of mankind)


O' Poobish Ones, ye who would be deceived, whose heads are unprotected from dreaded shedding, I ask you -- ye who even now assemble before me, querying. It is you to whom I speak, just stop querying ad infinitum.
(runs to waiting car or, alternately, into the famed Austrian stage-drama, A Mule With Four Sticks)

Poor Man's Rickshaw:

(in his first appearance, bellows)
I am full of the people. I vomit people, I am so full. If you could extract the people -- one by one -- from the elaborate redescription of my paw than you can find the RickShaw Code, obedient tho you must be to discover it's ultimate secret -- a secret so astounding that even daughters of the revolution will lift their skirts to it, raising simultaneous East Coast eyebrows/infections -- most of them waxed, apparently.

The Spine:

Bitches! I eat turds like you for breakfast. I saw you once, dangling, and I cut the thread.

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