Pedro Marquez

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Mexican, born May 3, 1960. He is tugged out of his mother's vagina. He is a humming bird set on a flower, drunk on nectar and whispering secrets. He receives the blessing to carry forth.

Hard-working river fisherman and cowboy singer hailing from San Luis Potosi, Mexico. Eschewing his region's rancheros for a love of American Country & Western, Marquez still draws them in Friday after Friday at La Casa de Tito in SLP. He bears an uncanny resemblance to Verna Cable.

Once during rehearsal he uttered these words: "If there were a place you could stand while holding your breath but while breathing you could by smirking almost."

Meanwhile, across the globe, Kaoru Hashimoto of Osaka, Japan, a young secretary in a local utility, uttered the same words to a colleague during a marathon chat session. Hashimoto, an ardent student of the Algonquin language, had never managed such a grammatically complex sentence. This was on September 19, 1999.

Marquez, despite his utter lack of knowledge concerning Algonquin, still managed the same phrase in that tongue.

He is currently involved with a masked wrestler known as El Stimso.

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Pedro Marquez vividly remembers meeting Hank Williams, even though he was born 7 years after Williams' death.

Pedro's first love was a lonely rodeo clown who hailed from Juarez.