Republic of Vendorra

From Plastic Tub

The Republic was founded in what is now Honduras during the sultry summer months of 1932. Hyram Solomon Addisson, who had abandoned his family some months before, came to the jungle to realize his dream of founding a micro-state which revolved around a highly-stratified cult of entrail readers whose rank was demonstrated by the cut of their pants. Needless to say, Hyram Addisson was quite mad. His son Stimes wrote: "I remember him as a calm man, meek almost. It's hard to reconcile the bumbling portrait I carry in my mind with the images I get when his brutal deeds are described. Yes, it's true he often threatened to hang me up by my heels, but I never imagined he'd do it, let alone follow it up with a sound flogging."

Vendorra was founded upon violence and in violence it ended. The Vendorran Militia was cut down to the last man and the elder Addisson is thought to have suffered a fate that would later befall Commandante Che Guevara in Bolivia: dismemberment and dispersal.

The symbol of Vendorra was the peacock. The motto: "Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke."