Second Order of Shieks and Friars (Middle East)

From Plastic Tub

This order was founded by persons unknown. Is was geared towards ecuminically-minded AA'ers of a religious bent. It began sometime in 1955 in Lebanon. Although information is scarce, we do know that the rituals of this order involved feats of endurance such as fire-walking, as well as smoking copious amounts of hashish.

Organizational Structure

There were at one time believed to be at least three grades to the Order, although the progression was unknown. These were: Shieks, Fiars and Picklemen. This was, however, a mischevious prank pulled by Stimes Addisson on Ahmed Capra, who foolishly published the information in the Dallas Dumpling. For his pains Capra later received a mysterious letter, authenticated by various means, which said:

"We had, in fact, two grades: Dungarians and Chinamen, so named because of the pants, i.e. jeans or chinos, each member was allowed to wear during the initiation rituals. Have you read The Outsiders, Mr. Capra? I can tell you only this: the strange dynamic dualism which forms the plot propellor of Miss Hinton's novel, "Greasers" vs. "Socials," is the very same which formed the serio-comic mystery drama of our Order. If I speak in the past tense, sir, it is because the Order is gone. What Hezbollah has missed Mossad has taken out. Some called it power and justice; I call it a crock of shit."

The letter was postmarked in Berlin and the return adress turned out to be a cemetery in Jerusalem.

A curious footnote

No evidence has ever come to light regarding the existence of a First Order of Shieks and Friars. Any information on this subject would be greatly appreciated. It has long been assumed such an order existed, although Nevid Kessar once commented in an interview that he thought that the "Second" in the Order's name did not necessarily mean there was a First order. Kessar even expressed his doubt that the Second order existed, but notices in The Daily Star and Al Hayat prove him wrong. The meeting place in both given was given as the Dancing Fig, Beirut. "Every third Monday at 8."