Secret Negro Affirmation Rite

From Plastic Tub

The AA commemorate the majesty of the unseen negro with a decennial celebration complete with mock sacrifice and other secret rituals like the "Laying with the Scapegoat" and the dancing effigies of Mormo.

Proposed in 1965 by William Flintrock, the rite has only been perfomed four times. The fifth will be performed during the Summer Solstice, 2005, at an undisclosed location.

The various aspects of the rite are secretive and thus not well known, but at least three elements have been vaguely described.

Some kind of mock sacrifice is performed. Accounts vary as to whether or not a nude woman is involved, but one thing is for certain: an elaborate series of mechanisms creates the illusion of a disembowelling, a beheading and an immolation. When the head is taken, it is said to shoot up into the air with a comical popping noise, and the blood spurts out. The effect is said to bring to mind the act of opening a bottle of champagne.

A second element, the "Laying with the Scapegoat," is even further clouded in mystery. Bestiality is almost certainly not involved, but some kind of ritual sex ( may in fact be performed by bit players. One participant may be clothed as an Old Testament Patriarch and another may, again, be a nude woman dressed in a goat mask.

Finally, dancing Mormos are involved. Some reports indicate that elaborate puppets are made to dance about in a ridiculous parody of what is known about the rites surrounding the Mormo Death Cycle. Others have led questioners to believe that naked women dance like "Rockettes," that is to say, arm in arm and in an enormous line, clad only in Mormo masks, in an elaborate and punchy Broadway-style number that has the crowd hooting and whirling their hats about on their fingers, culminating in a riotous sing-a-long.

None of these reports are to be considered one hundred percent reliable, but various scholars have given at least a measure of credence to some of the recurring themes. Rumor has it that a film crew will attend the 2005 celebration for the eventual release of a documentary on the subject, but this is yet to be confirmed by inside sources.

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