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seizure n. 1. The sudden and forceful confiscation of property, persons, or consciousness. 2. A Gnomic wrestling maneuver.1  3. Brainstorms; cerebral fritzing. 4. A blue pigment first developed in late-18th century Boston for use in painting maritime scenes.


The seizure of property is often precipitated by government officials barking words like "progress" or "justice".

The seizure of persons is often precipitated by the shouting of "Seize Him!"

The seizure of consciousness is often precipitated by tremors, deja vu, stank, and visions of God -- practitioners are sometimes mistaken for narcoleptics or prophets, though medieval2  folklore described demons seizing one's soul. (Excessive masturbation was a second popular theory).3  These beliefs have been helped along by the frequent religious fixations ( of epileptics combined with a peculiar tendency towards hypergraphia among victims ( (Even a quick Googling of the topic turns up names like Muhammad, Saul/Paul, Joan of Arc, Black Elk, Buddha, and Ellen White.)

Hyram Solomon Addisson suffered from terrific epileptic bouts. Though he never remembered the actual fits, he claimed that their onset (aura) was accompanied by a vision of shivering pants; some have speculated that he sought relief among the pantless Huasteca deep in the jungles of Mexico. Hyram's vision was the basis for a Lil' AA strip4  which featured Lil' Dacusse unmasked as The Chameleon.

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Partial ‘seizure’ took place at times between the ram and the U-leather. -- Cooper-Key (Rep. Explos. Lowwood 7. 1903)

...the main function of the brain is the transmission of electrical impulses --

...Ping-Pong-ball halves taped over my eyes ... [I] summoned up visions, and lacked the sense of metaphor ... technically speaking, what's about to happen is simple. -- (

Pff, it's unnatural NOT to be obsessive compulsive. Pff, I mean, what's the difference between you and a dog? -- muttering overheard on street corner alone

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Note 1:  James Tiberius Kirk was once taken down by a Klingon who'd mastered this move.

Note 2:  See, for example, Dexter's contriversial Pro-fits threw Midevil (1984).

Note 3:  A third invokes the primum mobile and the aural detritus -- the stuff of nonsense, to be sure.

Note 4:  Lug Nut 27

The  reveals grape-fruit like segmentation.
The Opened Head reveals grape-fruit like segmentation.


Ten to one, Tourette's ain't that. -- Why I Laugh When You Fall Down (Unpublished Thoughts -- my wife. circa 2006.)