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skinwalker n. 1. In the Navajo tradition, a skinwalker is a medicine man, or shaman, who can transform into animals and plants or common household objects; a variety of lycanthrope. 2. euph. An individual in disguise; a double agent.


Creatine Panderbox's maternal grandfather was a reputed skin-walker who suprisingly, preferred to rut about in the form of a pig. Although in one pesky adventure, said to have occurred with George W. Bush's great-grandfather, he assumed the form of a chimp, this was believed to have been a one-time occurence. Generally, the grandfather was known to relax as a potted plant on the windowsill of some white man's house, especially if it was a Mormon's house. He was said to have never been sussed out. This is widely believed to be apocryphal.

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