Secret Negro

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secret negro kl. 1. That portion of the pleroma who, though colorless, suspiciously flashed a fancy badge around the entrance to the dye-works. 2. A white man whose elaborate disguise allows him to gain purchase in an otherwise purchaseless area. 3. Those who vote in a manner that ensures their own destruction. 4. A cultural immigrant whose birth is questioned only by himself; one who is his own other, a streetcorner ouroboros. 5. Famously elaborate, the architecture of differentiation supplied by the Maker -- who is so fucking obviously not The Maker. 6. Deep cover.


The Genetic Diaspora is a fool's game made flesh by Molech for as to decieve you and your Catholic ilk. --overheard by a undercover Gnome in the court of King Frederick of Prussia during a supposed meeting with a suspected wandering Jew.

Most people like to keep their secret negro secret and often confuse it with the primate inside. --Choco from Choco's Heresy and Hershey what's the Hurry.

Their unsettling scores mimick the night. --smart ass bartender.


Historians cannot agree as to the authenticity of most early manuscripts studied in the ever-shrinking cannon, yet a small school of thought has agreed to the theory that it heralds from the Italian and has been a victim of the semantic drift generally assocciated with expansion via the slave trade. Others hold forth that it originates from the French and has a long history in the red-light districts of Marseille.

Authors have found no common ground when discussing exactly when this particular bit of 18th-Century parlance became secret doctrine but the evidence is in favor of the occult detective teams of the AA. The dissenters argue that it is more complicated than the theorists and conspiratorialists propose and point to a myriad of groups claiming some kind of secret negro this and secret negro that.

As occult phenomenon the immage of the secret negro extends throughout the western cannon. Several radical poets obbsessed with artifacts and cave imagery of the paleolithic era counter with a supposition that some of the lesser figurines in the Altimira collection have similar markings and design work as seen througout the libraries of western magic and thus precedes the idea that the shaman figure of pre-history is in reality a descendant of the secret negro and that the secret negro proper has now been lost to us save in its stylistic markings and unintelligible symbols. Even expert cryptographers meet with shoulders shrugged. (whew)

AA scholars have long held the notion that as mysterious and controversial as the whole secret negro affair has become, the secret negro is inseperable from most esoteric lore. The AA commemorate the majesty of the unseen negro with a decennial celebration complete with mock sacrifice and other secret rituals like the "Laying with the Scapegoat" and the dancing effigies of Mormo.

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