Stanley Adcock

From Plastic Tub

An American or Canadian, Adcock is generally referred to as "the mysterious American" by self-styled "conspiracists." He is alleged to have flown to England and stayed near Richard Lancelyn Green for several weeks prior to the latter's suspicious death. While in London, Adcock is known to have made several telephone calls to suspected Gnomes. Soon after Green's death, Adcock returned to the States and thereafter retired to a life of relative seclusion in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.

According to the Tub's sources, Adcock is: a violinist worthy of international note yet who remains unknown to the music world; a firm believer in Kapitalist Darwinism; a charitable donor to the Leeks for Peeps; a proud member of the Society for the Terminally Obese Children's Foundation; and/or the direct descendent of Pierre Charles L'Enfante, designer of the Washington D.C. cityscape.

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