Terminally Obese Children's Foundation

From Plastic Tub

Charitable organization suspected by many AA'ers to be a front for the League of Gnomes. According to Guileless Maccabee, the TOCF is, in fact, an organization which uses its charitable intentions as a lure to attract fat kids which are then kidnapped and used in Gnome mushroom-eating rituals.

The organization was investigated in 2003 by the Justice Department after the disappearance of three of the most obese campers at its well-known fat camp (dubbed "Camp Starvation" by alumni), but the case was closed and the camp cleared of any wrongdoing or criminal negligence. The case remains unsolved.

Maccabee has assembled a compelling dossier on the TOCF which appears to indicate that the group's "war on childhood obesity" serves a second function--the extermination Chop Grade Skillet Scouts.

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