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syphilis ouch. 1. A disease affecting Bood-Lyre and his consort, Ahmed Capra and many a sailor throughout the ages. 2. The root cause of the condom as well as much condemnation.


Beware: Syphilis Victims in the Tub

It has been long rumored that syphilis was crafted, or at least refined, by the Catholic Church, who originally wielded it as a weapon to bring ruin to political enemies. It was eventually unleashed to introduce a destabilizing element of fear, a physical curse of God upon the wanton, thereby garnering better control of the populous. Of course the same thing has been said about AIDS, but we all know that came from monkeys, right? Right?


"A man loses his nose only after he has already lost his head." -- He of the Assembly. Bowles, Paul.

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The mythical first victim of syphilis was a shepherd who was disease-stricken by the gods after he blasphemed the sun.

Certain forms of advanced syphilis affect the mind in such a manner as to cause prodigious artistic expression, including tremendous poetical production. These symptoms are generally followed by blindness, horrific bouts of auto-masochism, night-terrors, and, eventually, death.