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Plastic Tub is filled with a dizzying array of personalities: some benign, some malevolent, all interesting. But just how do all these headstrong men and women fit into the big picture? Who are the good guys, the baddies, the movers, the shakers and the mere hangers-on? This Who's Who will help you sort through the facts.

Who We Are

"AA'ers" are those personalities who were affiliated with the original AA group, founded in the 1940's, and represented in the still classic text, Who We Are.

Who We Are is co-anchored by Stimes Addisson and Stimso Adid--sometimes referred to (not always ironically) as the Founding Fathers. This list also includes stalwarts William Flintrock, Mazzistow Carrington, Verna Cable, Alexandre Dacusse, Wilhemina Forkes, Albert Kook, Yon Milhaus, Guvernor Morris, Creatine Panderbox, Jorge Suarez, Jonathan Trenchwheat, Cappy Trowbridge, Solomon Witte. The Who We Are generation was most active from the mid-1940's to the mid 1970's.

The First Advance

This includes those AA'ers not included in Who We Are but who participated in AA activity at a relatively early stage in the game.

See Televy Gide, Ahmed Capra, Guileless Maccabee etc.

The Second Advance

An "AA'er" is also a member of the generation known as The Second Advance. This second generation of AA'ers not only produce their own Associationalist works, but conduct valuable research and dissemination projects aimed at exposing the AA to the widest possible audience.

Participants are primarily Tim Wilson, Steven Vogeler, David Payne and Steven Adkins. Plastic Tub is the logical continuation of this period.

Historical Antecedents

In addition to Guvernor Morris and Albert Kook, who feature in Who We Are, AA'ers generally feel an affintity with other such Enlightenment luminaries as Paolo Grignotti, Pietri Biberoni, Copernicus Trowbridge, A.W. Slippers and Crispus Attucks.

Trivia: Slippers was an ancestor of Stimes Addisson, and arch-enemy John P. Merriweather was a descendant of Slippers' cohort Guvernor Morris. Cappy Trowbridge was a descendant of Copernicus Trowbridge. All three of the figures were members of the mysterious Albert Kook Gang.


These people are not AA'ers, but are generally considered to have identified or admired the group or its individual members. Sometimes, these were collaborators outside the AA sphere. Many are scholars. Others are simply considered to be "not hostile."

Art Doll was an eccentric inventor-explorer who became enamored of Accidental Associationalism late in life and devoted the better part of his adult years to founding a communal encampment based upon Wee-Wee. TerraWee lasted five scant years before being levelled by the BATF in 1995. Not to be beaten, Doll decided to construct a giant blimp and sail it to Africa. He died somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean in June, 2003...more»

Johnathan Eniad Corn was born in St. Petersburg, Florida, sometime in the early 1940s, and though the exact date is not known, he celebrated March 23rd, 1943, as his birthday. His family fled Soviet Georgia for political reasons and successfully received asylum first in England then in the U.S., finally settling in Florida. John's mother, Lizabeta Kornakovitch, had been a classically trained opera singer until throat cancer cut her career short -- America, it seemed, had little use for a grousy-voiced maiden with a foul temper...more»


Dewey Rose, a smarmy fuck and unmitigated dog pile, got his first break from Balthazar Buehb. Buehb introduced Rose to painting; Rose introduced Buehb to explosives. An increasingly delusional and violent Rose would later threaten Adid and Addisson many times...more»

John P. Merriweather spent his youth visiting tent revivals across the Bible Belt. A cartographer by training, he landed in New York City in 1941 where fell in with a group of business men operating in the shadowy corners of the shipping industry. Two years later he founded The League of Gnomes...more»

An American or Canadian, Stanley Adcock is generally referred to as "the mysterious American" by self-styled "conspiracists." He is alleged to have flown to England and stayed near Richard Lancelyn Green for several weeks prior to the latter's suspicious death....more»

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Members of this species include Lucretia Borges, Liddy Broom and perhaps the Young Lords.

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Further Research

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