The Sponsor

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The Sponsor hs. 1. An insidous mouth wrapped around the psychic will of the Secret Negro. 2. Born of Molech and gorged on honeydew (honary jew). 3. In AA parlance he is the metaphysical manifestation of the economical tyrant, the jack-booted pinky ring stomper of the afternoon ciné, the haunting strings of the puppet who traded his shackles for blindness. 4. Mastermind criminal at odds with Choco, Balloonjaw and Lil' AA'ers


  • The Sponsor preys on all, but its throbbing mouth bulges with erotic joy when it finds the taste of The Citizen or The Patriot upon its heaving lips. Alas, the commercial world is not without its unequivocal element either. (The Ephidides of Myranti IV-Arhelio Monastary)
  • The unholy bondage of the citizen, his cornea hi-jacked by this anomalous force of nefarious snack cakery and is held, prostate on one's couch, in the very hold of morpheutic disentegration, only to be rudely ripped from a slobbering state by "another word from your Sponsor." Somehow citizens agree with the payoff. The Sponsor incites rabid devotion and bewildering indolence within his subjects, whom He calls his minor consumeritis.
  • In Gnomic language, a "Sponsor" is an appointed guardian for a new initiate.

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