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Capitals are found across the world today, but seem to have stemmed from Asia Minor.

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DC is older than the hills. It seems to pre-date apples. It is here, perhaps, that Johhny Appleseed began his notorious run, peppering the hillsides of America with his weeds. Faster than the wind, ran he.

And to what end? No one can be sure. Several theories have been put forth, but all have been vigoursly defeated, like a pumpkin on a strawberry patch.

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DC is older than the hills.

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Though their motives are unclear, it is clear that they will be achieved. -- Washington on England

Though their motives are unclear, it is clear that they will be achieved. -- Washington on England


Persona Non Grata: Born to wealth. Educated in Nebraska. Moved to NYC. Started the Cardboard Union in 1905.

Fell from glory in 1907 with the boxcutter rebellion. Moved upriver and contracted the plague. Died in Paris, alone and unwanted.

Persona Grata: Born poverty. Educated? No. Moved to NYC. Joined the Cardboard Resistance in 1905.

Started the Boxcutter's Rebellion in 1906. By 1907, cardboard was virtually eliminated from the eastern seaboard. A new era dawned.

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  • 27 is the 8th prime number.
  • NYC is big.
  • Etc.


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End Notes

God is God,1  muttered the muzzle loader2  while milking the pigs.3 


Note 1:  Check.

Note 2:  Slang.

Note 3:  I hope that I don't have to interpret this remark for you.