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Raw mountain oysters smell remarkably like truffles.

Boars ejaculate a pint of semen during half-hour long orgasms.

A boar with no testicles is called a barrow.

April 20, 2021: From the AA Calendar--April seems to be a month of births and deaths. Flintrock's birthday and A.W. Slippers' death day both fell on April 1. Creatine Panderbox was born on April 16, 1930. And, according to John Titor, we can celebrate, quite early, the doting obituary of Tim Wilson that will appear in the April 2083 issue of UN Literary Marvels. More noted events on the AA Calendar include...CONTINUED

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Easily the most understood of groups secreting themselves away from direct observation, The League of Men with Fancy Gloves fashions itself after Minoan Craft Ritual, Fornication Timetables and late-style arithmetical pant-fashions -- at least in so much as the latter represents a conquering fashion, a being made of spaces between fingers five -- and in that failure is a layer of experience, as the Hand too removes sensation

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In speaking of Molech one must be aware of the distinction between the general phenomena of Molechianism and the particular name itself as it refers to the Semitic manifestation. In Biblical Canaan, Molech -- or Moab, Ba’al – was worshipped as the Lord of Fire and God of War...

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Strafe! is an annual Publication collecting the Latest Essays of AA Stalwart Tim Wilson and his various contributors. Consists largely of essays concerning the burgeoning field of 3-D Game Theory and its relationship to Social Constructs of Beauty.

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