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Social Club/Street Gang founded in Ithaca, NY in 2000 by Rudy St. Cloud and Marak Barrister.

St. Cloud once conspired with Barrister to pimp the latter's wife, but the scheme fell flat when it was revealed that anyone who could had already done it for free. -- Poobicon of Malik Ali, p.32

The Young Lords have a curious history. Allegedly, the Young Lords is an offshoot of the 27th Viceroys, a street gang founded by Alexandre Dacusse and William Flintrock in 1987. Having secured the mortgage of the historical property of Stimes Addisson's Manhattan home, a group of independent AA aficionados, The 3rd A, turned it into a shrine. The Viceroys, called by Jonas Bonerblatt of the New York Squid "the Templars of the AA Temple," were in fact founded to protect that site from vandalism caused by squads sent out by The League of Gnomes.

Although disparaged since their inception as a kind of clamper club, recent research has revealed that the Young Lords have been engaged in covert psy-ops against Gnomes agents in and around the Fingerlakes Region of upstate New York. This region, called a "burnt-over land" because of the fury of religious revivals that swept across it in the 19th Century, is home to sacred Mormon site Palmyra, as well as several indian burial grounds and the locale of the infamous William Morgan Affair, where said was murdered by renegade Freemasons and/or possible agents of the Gnomes.

The family of Steven Adkins settled in this region about 1814 after migrating from Saratoga, then inexplicably fled to Canada after a few years, this despite having purchased large tracts of land. The Adkins family is rumoured to have been involved in some kind of blood feud with an unnamed family. A representative of the Adkins family is known to have been engaged in some kind of correspondence with an aging Guvernor Morris.

The membership of the Lords is unknown, as are most of its activities.